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freestanding Frame-It frames
Create an unlimited variety of seamless backwalls and displays using FRAME-IT's connectors and basic frames.   Unlimited design and size options that can be setup and reconfigured by one person without tools.

Frame-It table top displays Using FRAME-IT's versatile, double acting, 360 degree, display hinge, you can connect multiple frames side-to-side for the creation of portable and table top or counter-top displays that fold up for easy storage and transportation.

Frame-it multi-side displays

Use FRAME-IT's exclusive, universal living hinge, to connect frames edge-to-edge to create an unlimited variety of 3-dimensional displays that command attention and highlight any image.

Frame-it quickload frames

Use a sleek, radius style frame to dress up any sign, image or graphic.  Completely reusable and perfect for any 1 or 2 sided display.  Available with the exclusive QUICK LOAD feature for top or side loading.  FRAME-IT is the most complete and affordable, high quality, modular frame system.

Portable Dry Erase panels in Frame-It frames for a check writing class