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Coroplast™ Signs

 Coroplast™: 3mm thick corrugated plastic board, is an inexpensive signboard for use in displays and exhibits. Light weight, water resistant and durable for short term outdoor use such as election signs, special event promotions and as a temporary sign for a new business. Coroplast can be cut to any shape and bent.

Coroplast comes in 12 colors: white, opaque white, red, black, orange, navy, royal, green, silver gray, ivory, yellow and brown. It is available in 4' X 8' sheets.

10" wide x 30" high, step stakes that work with signs up to 24" x 24", are available for quick mounting in the ground.

Coroplast signs are ideal for use in Signcade and Sidewalk Swinger frames.

coroplast sign montage

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